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Prospects for the multi-level parking facility at T Nagar to be open for public service!


Posted on : 24/Feb/2021 3:13:22 PM

With the multi-level parking facility construction having been completed, the Greater Chennai Corporation is expediting activities to inaugurate this facility for public service by the end of February in order to meet the heavy traffic density of T Nagar.

The number of vehicles in operation in the Chennai Metro City has been increasing day-by-day!

At present, it is estimated that there are 10 Lakhs cars and 40 lakhs 2-wheelers are being operated in the Chennai Metro City. As there are almost always parked by the side of the roads, the public face undue hardships.Especially in T Nagar, the vehicles parked by the side of the roads in locations such as Pondy Bazaar and the surroundings bring the width of road to a lower level leading to very heavy traffic congestion.

Meanwhile, under the Smart City Project, on behalf of the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC), a platform-complex has been set up in Pondy Bazaar. Facilities have been made in the platform-complex for the public to visit the shops to buy items.

For the public visiting these shopping complexes to park their vehicles, on behalf of GCC, a 9-storeyed multi-level parking complex has been constructed at a cost of Rs. 36.54 Crores at the junction of the Theagaraya Road and Thanikachalam Road in T Nagar.

It is expected that there would be a parking facility for more than 700 cars. A test-run was undertaken last Wednesday. This building covers an area of 16146 sq ft and has 2 basement levels, and 6-storeys above ground level for a total of 9 floors including the ground floor.In the basement levels, 513 2-wheelers can be parked. On the ground floor and the higher storeu=ys, 222 4-wheelers can be parked.

This has been set up to operate fully automatically. The related activities have been completed and the multi-level parking complex is all set to be open for the public shortly.

GCC officials shared in this regard, As most of the project-related works jave been completed, it has been planned to declare the facility open for the public from end-February.

Charges of Rs. 20 per hour for the 4-wheelers and Rs. 5 for the 2-wheelers have been fixed. Once this facility is open for the public, the traffic congestion in T Nagar area will come down substantially.``

The construction activities for this multi-level parking complex commenced in the year 2018. In fact, this facility should have been operating quite some time earlier for the public! However, the project activities got delayed primarily due to the coronavirus pandemic and the related lockdown imposition. At last, this is supposed to be complete before the end of this month (February).
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