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Spread of COVID has been contained well in Chennai, no spike again in Chennai


Posted on : 05/Dec/2020 9:16:33 AM

The latest news is in Chennai city the test positivity rate or TPR has come down to 3.6% now. It must be taken into note that since deepavali this TPR has remained below 5percemnt in the Chennai city.

It has been mentioned by some experts that the TPR below 5% meant that the spread of Covid-19 infection has been contained well in Chennai. In the future, Chennai city would not see another spike in the Coronavirus cases. By the month of February in 2021, Chennai city would be nearer herd immunity and this was pointed out by Dr. K. Kolandasamy, former public health director.

He explained about how now peoples exposure to the virus has increased and how the source of the infection has been identified and treated. Information is the virulence might not be there and the spread would come down further. Barring a few days the GCC officials have been testing close to 10,000 samples per day since deepavali in Chennai. This has led to effective containment of the spread.

As per an officer belonging to the Chennai Corporation, both sustained testing as well as fever camps that were held amidst the rains during Cyclone Nivar have yielded superb results. In Chennai, currently, less than 400 Coronavirus cases per day are getting reported and the number of persons getting discharged is more ten the fresh cases. In Chennai, the active cases are at 1.6% and case growth is negative. It is now said that even when the number of cases comes to zero the testing of samples would be carried out.

The official belonging to the Corporation then spoke about how there would be surveillance in airports, railway stations, bus stands etc as these places have got movement  and travel from outside the Chennai city. Until February 2021, the elders must stay at their homes and must not come outside. This was according to some health experts.

Dr. Koplandasamy explained how the cases might keep coming from secluded places and spread might hit the dead end in the urban areas that are crowded. He hinted that it might take even one year for the infection to fully taper out from Chennai and till then people must be cautious. 

Virulency would reduce once when the sizable population gets infected as this infection does not spread through mosquitoes. In recent times, several corporation zones belonging to Chennai reported just 1% active cases and deaths have gone down below 10%.
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