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Details that every PAN Cardholder must be aware of!


Posted on : 05/Nov/2020 4:20:49 PM

PAN Card (Permanent Account Number), issued by the Central Department of Taxes, serves as one of the main Identity Proofs for the citizens. Further, it serves as one of the devices to file the annual Income Tax returns.

This PAN card must be regularly updated to contain all the required personal details! However, there are several instances where PAN card has the wrong particulars! So, there is a necessity to prevent getting the wrong detailed also the instance of the cardholder evading the PAN card issuer.

Please note that you can modify the particulars such as your name, date of birth, Fathers Name, etc., online.

First, visit the website TIN-NSDL. After opening the 1st Page, Choose the Service Section and pick the option PAN.

When the new page opens, click the option Apply. Now carry out the corrections in the required details. After completing the corrections, choose the reprinting/date option. Visit the right sections and select the options. Through this procedure, details such as Name, Date of Birth, E-mail ID, etc., can be corrected. After completing the corrections, click the option, submit.

Documents the need to be scanned
After the above procedure, click the option, PAN Application Form. Whet e-KYC is asked for, submit the copy of the scan. Submit the scanned documents for the proof of Name, Address, Age-proof, ID Proof, etc. After making the required payment for corrections, documents required for ID along with the payment receipt must be submitted to NSD E-Government Office. Subsequently, the information given will be checked. the information given will be checked and verified.

Why renewal of PAN card is important?
PAN card is vital for filing the Income Tax returns. Further, the banks give priority to the PAN details. PAN is an extremely important requirement on all finance-related issues.  As such, only the right

details must be given for the PAN card. So, if there is any defect in the PAN card data, please renew the same as above!
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