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Is the reopening of schools / colleges further postponed?


Posted on : 04/Nov/2020 12:21:51 PM

As the spread and impact of the raging coronavirus pandemic has not abated overall in the country and Tamil Nadu as well, information is gathered that the state government of Tamil Nadu is again reviewing the decision to postpone the reopening of schools and colleges again!

During March when the pubic examinations were in progress in the State of Tamil Nadu, the spread of the raging coronavirus pandemic commenced throughout the country. On the last day of the +2 Public Examinations, the spread of the coronavirus pandemic intensified and the very next day after the conclusion of the +2 Public Examinations, 25th March, lockdown imposition was announced throughout the country. Subsequently, the 10th Standard Public Examinations which were scheduled in April had to be cancelled. Consequently, the examinations for the other classes were also cancelled. An unspecified period of vacation was declared for the schools/colleges. As the imposition of the lockdown continued in subsequent phases, there were no prospects for the reopening of the schools.

In this scenario, the State Government of Tamil Nadu had announced that the schools will be reopened on 16th November with classes only for the 9th, 10th, +1, and +2 classes. At the same time, the parents of the students are still anxious to send their children to schools as the intensity/impact of the coronavirus is not et subsiding! So, there was an appeal from the academicians to postpone the reopening of the schools.

In this situation, the State Government of Tamil Nadu Minister for School Education, K. A. Sengottaiyan, conducted a review meeting with the senior officials of the Education Department. During this meeting, the Education Department Officials shared the opinion that the situation with the coronavirus yet to be contained is not conducive to the reopening of the schools. Further, the officials shared that the onset of the northeast monsoon has also happened and there are prospects for declaring holidays again during the rainy days in the months of November and December, and so, it may not be wise to reopen the schools at present. This has been informed to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister as well. 

Keeping all the above factors in consideration, a review is again undertaken regarding further postponement of the schools and colleges. The officials informed that a proper notification in this regard will be announced shortly.
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