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Sengottaiyan, Minister for School Education: No prospects in near future to reopen schools!


Posted on : 15/Oct/2020 3:17:18 PM

The State Minister of Tamil Nadu Government for School Education, K. A. Sengottaiyan informed that there are no prospects for reopening schools in the near future!

The event of distributing the extended licence for the private schools in Dharmapuri District to operate was conducted yesterday (Wednesday, 14th October).

The Tamil Nadu State Minister for School Education, K. A. Sengottaiyan participated in this event and after the event, he had a session with the press reporters and shared:

In the prevailing emergency situation due to the spread of the raging coronavirus pandemic, the State Government of Tamil Nadu has been functioning at its utmost efforts in prevention. The State Government of Tamil Nadu has also been successful in evolving a conducive environment for starting new industries. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in recognition of these efforts, has appreciated the developments and has greeted the government!

In Tamil Nadu, out of those who complete School Education, 49% pursue higher studies. On this front, in All-India level, Tamil Nadu State Government  secures the 1st Place! Activities have been initiated to set up 7700 smart classrooms in the Tamil Nadu Government Schools, 50000 classrooms without blackboards, and 923 laboratories. Even during the prevailing lockdown imposition, with 60% of the subjects/syllabus being taught through television, there is no break in the learning for the school students. Further, with a help-line number, the doubts of the students are being clarified.

In the State of Andhra, even as the schools were reopened, 26 students were infected with the coronavirus. So, giving top priority to the health of the young students, the schools will be reopened only after the coronavirus is entirely eliminated and after due combined review meeting by the Departments of School Education, Department of Higher Education, Department of Local administration, and the Health Department. AS SUCH, THERE ARE NO IMMEDIATE PROSPECTS FOR REOPENING SCHOOLS!

For teachers who qualified with passing the TET (Teachers Eligibility Test) in the year 2013, the validity has expired with 7 years passing and there is a situation where they cannot be offered jobs as teachers. This 7-years duration is set by the Central Government. As such, only the Central Government can take action on this issue!

The State Minister for Higher Education of the Government of Tamil Nadu, K. P. Anbazhagan, MLAs C. V. Rajendran (Burgur) and R, Govindaswamy (Paapireddippatti), and the President of the Milk Producers Cooperative Society, T. R. Anbazhagan participated in the above event.
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