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Huge crowds and absence of social distancing in the MTC buses in Chennai


Posted on : 07/Oct/2020 9:23:25 AM

In Chennai, the MTC buses are crowded and there is no social distance among the commuters. Especially in the buses plying along the MTH Road, this has been witnessed. This has caught the attention of many now.

Fully packed MTC buses with no social distancing have been witnessed on all the buses plying from Avadi and Ambattur OT in the peak hours. On Monday, not only all the seats in the buses were occupied but also people were travelling in packed buses.

It was mentioned by a resident of Avadi working in Sowcarpet that he used to take EMU from Avadi to Central and then take a shared auto to his office. Now with the absence of EMU services, he was forced to take the bus route number 71E (Avadi to Broadway).

A Pattabiram based consumer activist expressed his views and spoke about how the EMU services were superb. He mentioned that trains were both cheap as well as faster. The buses always remained crowded due to the fact that many industries have been present along the belt. 

The absence of EMU services had led to an increase in the crowds in the buses now. He was of the view that whenever there was demand then more buses must be operated. For catering the workers, MTC must operate buses to Ambattur Industrial estate.

Point is to cater to the increased demand, MTC have increased the peak hour bus services in those areas by about 50 percent. This was as per an official belonging to MTC. He threw light on how the conductors were having a tough time in regulating the passengers inside the buses. 

Truth is that the passengers are ignoring the advice or engaging in arguments. Important information is at present, MTC have been operating as many as 2700 buses out of a total fleet of 3300 buses.
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