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Special trains to be operated from Chennai to places in and outside TN


Posted on : 01/Oct/2020 9:10:17 AM

There would be fully reserved special trains including 3 inter-state trains connecting Chennai to places within or outside the state of TN. Approval has been issued by the railway reservation board or RRB. On Thursday, 1st October, reservations for these trains would begin at 8am.

On 2nd October, train number 02631/02631 having AC tier-2, AC tier-3, 11 sleeper class and 3 general second class coaches would start from Egmore to Tirunelveli.

 It is brought out that the train number 02631 would leave Egmore at 7:50 pm and reach Nellai at 6:45 am the next day. From 5th October, the return train would be operated. On 3rd October, train number 02661/02662 with the same coach composition would start from Egmore to Sengottai.

Information is train number 02661 would leave Egmore at 8:40 pm and reach Sengottai at 8:30 am the next day and from 4th October train running in the opposite direction would start.

From 2nd October, train number 02205/02206 would start from Egmore to Rameswaram at 5:45 pm and it would stop at Ariyalur and Srirangam. On 5th October, trains from Rameswaram would start. The train would have an additional general second class coach.

It must be noted that on 2nd October Tejas train number 02613/02614 would begin from Egmore to Madurai and the train would have one first class A/C chair car and 12 second sitting A/C chair cars. The train would begin its journey from Egmore at 6am and would reach Madurai at 12:20 pm. It is mentioned that these trains would function daily except Egmore- Madurai Tejas Express that would not be there on Thursdays.

From Egmore, inter-state special daily train number 06723/06724 would begin from Egmore at 8:10 pm on Thursday and would reach Kollam at 1:15 pm the next day. The train would have first class cum A/C tier-2 and tier-2 and three tier-2 A/C, 11 sleeper class and 4 general second class coaches. On 4th October, the first service from Kollam would start.

From 2nd October, super fast special train number 02639/02640 would start from MGR Chennai Central and would reach Allapuzha. This train would have first class A/C tier-2, two tier-2 A/C and four tier-3 A/C 1 sleeper class and 2 general second class coaches. It is said that the train would begin at 8:55pm in Chennai and reach Alappuzha at 10:45 am the next day. From 3rd October, the first service of the train would start from Alappuzha.

From 4th October train number 06197/06188 having tier-2 AC, two tier-3 AC, sleeper class and five general second class coaches would start from Karakal at 4:20 pm and would reach Ernakulam at 7am the next day. It is important to mention that the first service from Ernakulam would start from 3rd October.
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