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This new nasal spray would protect many from COVID infection and prevent spreading


Posted on : 29/Sep/2020 9:09:33 AM

Coronavirus has been spreading like fire and many across the world have been trying various ways to protect and prevent the spread of this infection. At this point of time, it has been revealed that a new nasal treatment could help people in protecting against Covid-19 infection and prevent transmission of this virus.

Ena Respiratory, an Australia based biotech company has developed a nasal spray and by using this spray on the animals they have successfully reduced the levels of SARS-CoV-2, the novel Coronavirus that causes Covid-19 infection.

On Monday, 28th September 2020, test results were released and it was found that the new nasal spray reduced the Covid-19 viral replication by up to 96% in a study on ferrets. It must be taken into account that this new nasal spray has been developed to boost the natural human immune system to fight common colds and flu etc. Important piece of information is till date there is no vaccine or specific antiviral agent available for preventing Covid-19 infection.

Working process of this new nasal spray:
The INNA-051 compound works by stimulating the innate immune system, the first line of defence against the invasion of pathogens in our body. This was as per the release by the Australian based company. There has been significant reduction in the ability of SARS-CoV-2 virus to infect the animals and replicate. This is done by boosting the immune system with INNA-051 prior to the infection.

According to the MD of Ena Respiratory, Dr. Christopher Demaison, the nasal treatment has been amazing and highly effective. He explained that by boosting the natural immune response of the ferrets with the treatment there has been rapid eradication of the virus. It is now revealed that the study provides evidence that INNA-051 could be used as a standalone method of antiviral preventative therapy, complementary to vaccine programmes.
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