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Now, in Chennai taxis and autos do not have passengers


Posted on : 18/Jul/2020 9:53:28 AM

A week has gone now after the businesses have started in Chennai city after the lockdown. The streets in Chennai have been buzzing with activities like before. It is said that even at this time the autos and cars running in Chennai are bereft of passengers.

It was revealed by a women auto driver that the situation now has been much better than the situation before June 19. It is known that from 19th June there has been a total shutdown observed in the Chennai city. She spoke about how she gets around 2 to 3 rides every day. She added that she gets very few passengers through rideshare apps. The reason for low passengers was many opt to use their own vehicles or the vehicles of the family persons to go to their offices.

It was shared by a cab driver that auto rickshaws were more preferred by the public than cars in Chennai. This cab driver works through a popular ride-sharing app. He mentioned that autos were safer than cars that use air-conditioning.  He explained about how even when he closed the windows and switched off the air-conditioner the customers were not willing to book a ride. Cars were sought by those whose offices were far away from their homes.

It was later pointed out by Mr. Yasmin Jawahar Ali, CEO of MAuto, that it was tough for their fleet and drivers to find reliable work in the shutdown period that involved going on the road. She threw light on how he had asked his drivers not to go on the road due to safety. The drivers want to earn money after so many days of shutdown. It seems that the only safe and reliable rides for the drivers were the hospital visits or senior citizens looking for travel who book their rides well in advance.



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