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Many industries struggling to come up now in this Coronavirus infection lockdown


Posted on : 03/Jul/2020 10:33:53 AM

The Coronavirus infection pandemic has led to the disruption of businesses of many industries and livelihood like never before. The pandemic has got no partiality and it has equally affected the businesses of big or small firms.

Mr. K.E. Ranganathan, MD, Roca Parryware Bathroom Products spoke his heart out. He explained how this pandemic has destroyed the consumer demand and has knocked their firm.

He threw light on how Coronavirus infection was a combination of VUCA or volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity and how the leaders were trained to handle VUGA one at a time. He hinted that most of the industries have been hit hard by this pandemic and these industries have to fight hard to find their way out of the crisis.

It must be noted that in the first half of 100 days of COVID pandemic many were shocked, angry, and clueless. Mr. Ranganathan later revealed how their company members drew upon global experience and worked on the safety measures quickly. Safety and survival were regarded as priorities.

The markets opened up in the next 50 days and the sales engine re-started. Digital platform for consumers was built and daily meetings were held. New products were launched.

It was mentioned by Mr. Shanmugha Raja owner of Turiyatree, a start-up, that 100 days of lockdown had totally disrupted their plans. He explained about the stalemate situation when the markets and customers got shut.

He was unhappy regarding the future of his company due to a lack of clarity in the direction. Most organizations now go for cost-cutting measures and this has been due to New normal like low occupancy, physical distancing, etc.

The founder of Open Tap, a start-up fin tech company, Mr. Senthil Natarajan spoke about how the Coronavirus pandemic was new and how it would be there for some time.
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