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Highlights of Thanjavur Big temple!


Posted on : 05/Feb/2020 5:17:34 PM

On the sacred occasion of the consecration (Kumbhabhishekham) of the Thanjavur Big Temple, it is the right time to know more about the special features of this temple, more than a 1000 years old, as a standing symbol of the Tamilians architectural prowess!

The King Raja Raja Chozhan performed the consecration of the temple after construction in the year 1010 AD.

The Nayakar Kings and Marathi Kings who ruled Thanjavur subsequently also undertook to perform the consecration regularly.

The last consecration was performed in the year 1997.

In this background, the latest consecration was performed after a gap of 23 years and the Kudamuzhukku event was performed in Sanskrit.

World-famous Thanjavur Big Temple (Peruvudaiyar Koil)!

This temple has been identified as one of UNESCOs traditional symbols. For a period of over 1100 years, this temple has been spreading the grandeur of the Tamilian Architecture all over the world.

UNESCO (United Nations Educational Science and Cultural Organisation) announced the Thanjavur Big Temple as the World Traditional Symbol in the year 1987.

Nandhi Mandapam

The sculpture (or the deity of Nandhi, Lord Sivas main carriage) is made from a single stone! Its height is 14 metres, length 7 metres, and breadth, 3 metres!  This Nandhi Mandapam was built by Thanjavur Nayakar King Sevvappa Nayakar.


One of the excellent features is that the names of all those who participated in the construction of the temple including the architects and those who washed their clothes cut their hairs, etc., (all of them!) have been scripture on stones! This reflects the magnanimity of the King Raja Raja Chozhan and the affection and admiration he had for his citizens and in return, the admiration and respect the people had for their king!

Glory of Tamil

The language of Tamil has been truly accorded a grand part in this temple. Note this:
  • The height of the main deity of Siva Linga 12 (No of main letters vowels in Tamil)
  • The height of the basement of the main deity of Sivalingam 18 The number of consonant letters in Tamil
  • The height of the temple is 216 the number of the letter in Tamil combining the vowels and consonants
  • The distance between the main deity of Siva lingam and Nandhi 247 the total number of letter in the Tamil language!e!
Worlds Largest Siva Lingam!

The main deity of Sivalingam in the main Sanctum Sanctorum of the temple is the largest in the world! It has been sculpted and assembles from 2 parts made from Granite stones - Aavudaiyar is of 6 height and 54 circumference and 23.5 high Siva Lingam.

The wonder temple tower!

The special feature of this temple is that during the day-time, the shadow of the temple does not fall on the floor!

The top roof of the temple tower in the shape kalasam is made from a single stone weighing around 80 tons!

Another wonderful point of thought is how they managed to lift this single heavy stone to such a height!

Granite Stones

It is gathered that around 130000 tons of granite stones were used in the construction work of the temple!  A note of wonder again is that, in this totally non-mountainous region, with the non-existent means of transport, how they were brought from a distance of 50 miles away!!
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