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Final stage of land acquiring started by the state government for MRTS last stretch


Posted on : 27/Sep/2019 10:11:27 AM

Mass Rapid Transit System or MRTS began its operations in the Chennai city in the year 1995. It is worthy to note that MRTS is the first elevated railway line in India.

The news that has come out is for the last 500m stretch of Velachery and St Thomas Mount MRTS section the state government has begun the final stage of land acquisition now. A few days back, notices were issued to litigating landowners calling them for document verification so that final award could be initiated. This was as per the sources belonging to the government.

For the last 7 years, the project was struck and the main reason for that was the disagreement between the government and the residents. It must be taken into account that this project would link places around Adambakkam, St Thomas Mount and Velachery with other places in Chennai through rail network. It is now said that the final leg would not be smooth because the government has decided on different rates for 2 groups of residents.

Information collected is properties present on the main road in Adambakkam have been fixed a unit rate of Rs 4500 per sq ft whereas for those properties on a street few meters from the main road it is Rs 3745 per sq ft.

It has been pointed out by a litigating resident that lack of payment of interest for around 960 days would result in significant loss to him. The point is in this time period the HC of Madras had granted a stay order.

An official belonging to the government spoke about how the interest payable could not be given for the period during the stay order and this was according to the Land Acquisition Act. Petitions have been sent to the CLA or Commissioner of Land Administration and to CMDA or Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority. 

All the houses concerned are within the radius of 400m and hence the residents should be given common unit rate according to the HC order. This was as per the residents. It was revealed by a senior official that the government had taken street wise rates of property registration into account while fixing the unit rate.



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