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Grade separator at Pallavaram needs 8 more months to be completed


Posted on : 23/May/2019 10:01:09

Construction of grade separator has been going on in Pallavaram in Chennai and almost a year had gone now since the last date for the construction of the grade separator ended. The news now is it would take another 8 months of time for the construction works to be over and this was according to the official. The important point is the commuters in the busy stretch of GST Road that lead to airport and beyond would have to withstand the peak hour traffic crawl when approaching the grade separator.

Beginning from the Hindustan Petroleum bunk and ending near First Cross Street at Pallavaram, the grade separator would run for a distance of 1.5 km on the GST Road. It must be noted that all the 48 pillars have been built and 2 ramps are under construction. This has been narrowing GST Road and creating heavy traffic congestion. A total of 45 slabs were needed to be laid and out of these 45 now 7 slabs are pending. Lighting and other road beautification has to be carried out. The project began in the month of September in the year 2015 and was estimated at Rs 68.85 crores is well known.

In order to clear the traffic present at Thanthai Road Junction, Pallavaram Shanty Road and Kundrathur Road Junction, the project was proposed. The information gathered is the permission to shift the electricity poles from these junctions are taking as long as 6 months of time.

An official belonging to the Highways department spoke about how the work gets stalled whenever a VIP passes through this GST Road. He finally assured that the entire work would be completed by December. There were few complaints by the residents about the nets not used to block the dust. This has created lots of issues for the road eateries. It was pointed out by a regular commuter that many minor 2-wheeler accidents occur at this place and he added that the delayed construction work of the grade separator has been responsible for these accidents.

According to Mr. Santhanam belonging to Federation of Civic and Welfare Associations of Pallavaram, due to the delay the project costs have increased to Rs 82 crores now. He threw light on how people have to plan their travel in advance in order to avoid the heavy traffic. Finally Mr. Santhanam spoke about how people must leave their home by 6:30 am in the morning for their work.