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How to face the intense impact of the peak summer Kathiri Veyyil


Posted on : 16/May/2019 11:25:25

Puducherry District Collector Arun had explained how to face the intense impact of the peak summer season known as kathiri veyyil or Agni nakshatram.

Presently, the impact of the scorching summer has been quite intense in Puducherry. As expected, this has disturbed the day-to-day lifestyle of the public and put them to great hardships!

In this situation, the Puducherry District administration has recommended some precautionary actions need to be undertaken by the public to encounter the intense impact of the scorching summer kathiri veyyil.

Things To Do

        Ascertain the latest weather condition by listening to the TV/Radio or reading the Newspapers regarding the likely intensity of the summer.

        Whether thirsty or not, ensure that sufficient drinking water is taken.

        Wear only light-weight, light-coloured (white) and loose cotton clothes. While venturing out, take protective sunglasses, umbrella, cap and footwear.

        When working outdoors in the open air, use an umbrella or wear a cap. Cover the face, head, neck, hands and legs with wet clothes.

        Regularly take some refreshing drinks such as salt-solutions, tender coconut, fruits, home-made lassi, gruel, lemon juice, and buttermilk.

        In case feeling physically uneasy, do not hesitate and immediately go to the doctor for medical advice.

        Keep the cattle in shadowed areas and arrange for sufficient drinking water. Use curtains, fans, etc., to keep the house cooler.

        Take frequent baths with cold water. Take special care of pregnant women, and patients under medical care!

Things not to do

        Avoid venturing out of the house in the period 12 Noon to 3.00 PM.

        Do not leave children pets inside closed vehicles.

        Avoid doing hard work during the period of high-intensity heat.

        Avoid taking alcoholic drinks, c coffee, tea, and carbonized drinks.

        Avoid taking dry. Solidified, protein-rich food items.

        The district administration has been taking initiatives to ensure that the public follows the suggestions given by IMD (Indian Meteorological Department) and ensure taken necessary precautionary actions depending on the climate.

        The public can access the information regarding above by calling the toll-free numbers 1070, 1077.

        Call 101 for fire-fighting, 1912 for electricity-related complaints, 108 for the ambulance.

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