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At Madhavaram in Chennai, an ornamental fish mall would start attracting many people


Posted on : 25/Apr/2019 09:50:23

Just few years back, Indias first Aquatic Rainbow Technology Park or ARTP was inaugurated in Chennai and it became the talk of the town. It is well known that Madhavarams Aquatic Rainbow Mall is a part of ARTP and is managed by Dr. J. Jayalalitha Fisheries University or TNDJJFU.

It is now said that soon ornamental fish could be purchased at the Aquatic Rainbow Mall present in Madhavaram. According to the vice-chancellor of TNDJJFU, Mr. Felix, the idea of creating hub for ornamental fish was just similar to the one in Kolkata. By this both retailers as well as wholesaler would be benefitted. He added that this mall would lead to fish being listed in the Singapore market.   

The vice-chancellor spoke about how establishing a marketing network was highly important. By this marketing network, indigenous fish varieties from Western Ghats like Sahyadria denisonii and Dawkinsia filamentosa, fishes from North-East namely Puntius sophore, Danio dangilla could be popularised and sold.

He hinted that soon the shops from Kolathur would be shifted to Madhavaram. The important point is total of 60 shops would be allotted to those who have interest to sell ornamental fish, aquariums and other related items. It is said that out of 60 shops 44 shops were inaugurated in the month of March and as many as 10 shops were allotted to those working in ARTP. The superb piece of news is these 10 units have started breeding fish and are ready to sell their products.

For the last 20 years, Mr. Veeramaindan has been involved in the ornamental fish culture and he expressed his thoughts. He pointed out that water in Kolathur had high levels of total dissolved solids or TDS. He was happy about the move to shift shops from Kolathur to Madhavaram. He then shed light on how ARTP was one of a kind in India where RO water is supplied to the units. Mr. Veeramaindan added that the university had provided advanced technology to the units. He finally said that with good technology and facilities any of the 5000 varieties of ornamental fishes present in the world could be developed.