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Now drones could be tested in Chennai and in 4 new places in TN


Posted on : 16/Apr/2019 09:45:14

How many of us know what a drone is? It is worthy to mention that Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or UAV is also called by the name drone and it is an aircraft without a human pilot. This drone is now grabbing the attention of many. 

Important point is the developers of drones would be able to test their drones in the Chennai city. In addition to this, the developers would be able to test their drones in as many as 4 locations in the state of TN under the new policy, Requirements for Operation of Civil Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) 2018, to regulate and control operation of UAV for flight safety.

Under the new scheme by which the drones would be registered and operated, the DGCA or Directorate General of Civil Aviation had assigned places like Vellore, Salem, Coimbatore and Erode as new test spots for drones now. The information collected is drone operators are supposed to register with http://digitalsky.dgca.gov.in. Airports with defined airspace and with less traffic have been taken into consideration and hence airports in places like Vellore, Salem, Coimbatore and Erode are chosen. It is revealed that these airports would be opened for the drone developers and researchers for testing their units plus in training people for handling UAVs.

It was pointed out by a senior official belonging to AAI that the listing of these locations was part of the move to regulate the use of drones for flight safety. He added that the decision about where drones could be flown without permission, with permission and the places that are restricted were highly important. He hinted about the detailed guidelines for the use of drones that are prepared now with colour coded maps.

As per Mr. Senthil Kumar MIT professor (aerospace), it is clear that Anna University or AU had proposed a test site near Gummidipoondi that was crucial to train skilled manpower and to get operator license. The point is at present the researchers have to fly their drones inside university or college campuses in Chennai. Mr. Senthil Kumar then spoke about how the sites selected must come under the purview of DGCA as they are already flying zones. He shed light on how in Erode the researchers must have identified a site.

It is worthy to note that the online single window system Digital Sky for issuing Unique Identification Number or UIN, for unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit or UAOP and day to day operations of zones is being developed.

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