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In 2 zones in Chennai, collection of garbage boosted by battery operated vehicles


Posted on : 16/Apr/2019 09:39:00

The latest news is as many as 10 Battery run vehicles that were introduced in Valasarawakkam and Perungudi zones in Chennai would soon be increased to more numbers. The important information is under the Swachh Bharat Mission, 100 more vehicles would be brought soon.

It is amazing to mention here that the new battery operated vehicles have been doing tremendously and has improved solid waste collection and in covering 600 to 1000 households daily. It must be noted that a tricycle could cover as many as 300 to 360 households only. Until now, the 200 tonnes of garbage generated in Perungudi (12 wards) and Valasarawakkam (10 wards) was unsegregated and dumped into road side bins.

It was pointed out by Valasarawakkam zonal officer, A. Sasikala that bins in the areas covered by the vehicles did not overflow. She spoke about how the people have begun segregating the waste and how just one-third of the collected waste goes into the roadside bins. As per Mr. T. Saravanabavanandham, zonal officer belonging to Perungudi zone, micro composting centers or MCCs have also become more in number now. He spoke about the presence of 10 MCC present now. He then added that workers found it very difficult in pushing the tricycles 2 km to 5 km to dump bio-degradable waste at MCCs. The zonal officer of Perungudi zone expressed his happiness about the workers who are able to do 2 to 3 trips now.

According to Mr. Thirumala Rao, conservancy inspector at Jalladianpettai under Perungudi, the battery operated vehicles could be charged within four hours of time. He added that these vehicles could now travel up to 35 km in a single day. He appreciated the efforts put by the workers now with the help of battery operated vehicles. Mr. Thirumala Rao threw light on how the workers covered extra streets now on their own interest.

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