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More traffic violations in Brindavan Street in West Mambalam Chennai


Posted on : 15/Apr/2019 11:37:51

The sensational piece of news is one way Brindavan Street of West Mambalam has got more traffic violations now. It is very common to see wrong side driving at this street. The traffic violation mentioned above has resulted in making the street more risky for the motorists plus those who use the road. This street has heavy traffic in the peak hours of time is well known.

A resident of West Mambalam spoke about how traffic congestion has become a norm and how it becomes worse when people drive on the wrong side of the road. He expressed his unhappiness regarding the condition of Brindavan Street junction. He said that the one way street that merges with Duraiswamy Road has been witnessing traffic violations and many accidents because of driving on the wrong side. It is shocking to note that this resident of West Mambalam recently escaped from being hit by a two wheeler. He added that this road was very dangerous.

It must be taken into account that the motorists from the Brindavan Street Extension and Arya Gowda Road merge at 100 m stretch of Brindavan Street. Important point is more than 2 years ago this narrow Brindavan Street having houses, grocery stores and markets on both the sides was converted into a one-way street. It is worthy to mention here that the police had put a sign directing the vehicles coming from Duraiswamy Road not to go straight to the road instead take a left turn at Thambiah Street to reach their destinations. The motorists do not follow these rules and do according to their wishes. In the last 2 weeks of time, atleast 6 motorists have been booked from entering the no entry zone. This has been confirmed by the traffic police stationed at the junction.

The negligent or careless attitude of the traffic police personnel was pointed out by some motorists and pedestrians. A student opened out on how everyday traffic violations takes place at Brindavan Street and how these create huge issues for both motorists as well as pedestrians. According to the traffic police personnel it is clear that the public must take their responsibility and follow traffic rules so that accident risks would be lowered. It was pointed out by some residents of Brindavan Street that they were not happy about taking one kilometer long U turn to reach their homes located near the no-entry sign.