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Want to escape from getting Alzheimers disease, then consume coconut oil


Posted on : 15/Apr/2019 11:45:28

Extracted from the kernel of mature coconuts, coconut oil is also known by the name kopra oil. The amazing fact is coconut oil is resistant to rancidification and it could last up to 6 months without getting spoilt. The presence of high saturated fats in coconut oil is responsible for this.

The important point is coconut oil could significantly reduce the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease which is common form of Dementia.

It is worth mentioning that Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disorder that is progressive and irreversible. Those who have this issue find their daily lives very difficult as doing simple tasks would not be possible. In addition to this the affected persons suffer from memory loss. The truth is issues like heart disease, stroke, high BP, obesity and diabetes puts older persons at huge risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

There are few ways by which we could avoid Alzheimer’s disease and these ways are social engagement, healthy diet and diabetes. It has been shown by research study that coconut oil could play a positive role. The team belonging to British Journal of Nutrition and Journal of Alzheimer’s disease conducted a study. It is well known now that coconut oil is good for the weight loss plus reduces the risk of getting heart diseases etc in us. The 48% of the 92 % of saturated fats in coconut oil comes from lauric acid and 7 % from capric acid.

The point to be noted is Virgin Coconut Oil or VCNO is got from fresh coconut by processes like cold pressed and mechanical. It is believed that this natural process helps coconut oil to maintain vitamin E minerals etc. Superb piece of news is positive link between organic coconut oil consumption and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease has been found out by the researches belonging to National Journal of Physiology Pharmacy and Pharmacology and International journal of School for Cognitive Psychology. By improving the memory and cognitive performance in persons with Alzheimer’s disease, coconut oil is remarkable.

It is now revealed that daily consumption of 20 g of VCNO could significantly improve cognitive performance and memory in those with neuronal disorders.
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