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Save on your AC Bill this summer


Posted on : 12/Apr/2019 09:56:05

There is no denying to the fact that your electricity bill would skyrocket as you constantly turn on your air conditioner. If this is bothering you, here we present to you a few ways of saving electricity while you still use your AC to cope with the hot summer days.

Why cool the neighborhoods?

When there are damaged doors and window seals, and with the presence of cracks and improper insulations, it is likely that the cool air would pass through the neighborhood areas.

There are home energy raters or auditors who can inspect your home for its capability to hold chillness. Seek help from them and inspect leaks if any.

If you dont want to spend money for the audit, well, you can do it all by yourself. Get out of your home and slide through the windows and doors. If there is any chillness seen peeking out, go on and seal them with insulations

A little upgrading may be needed

Is your thermostat not upgraded to a smart thermostat yet? If so, you should change it now. The heating and cooling can be smartly managed using smart thermostat even at times when you are not present in your home.

Is the thermostat fixed right?

It is crucial for you to place the thermostat right. This largely decides the correct level of cooling inside your room. Say the thermostat is installed by the side of hot window, the AC will have to be turned on very often than actually required, because the thermostat would assume the room to be hot. For this, you need to choose the right wall to set up the thermostat.

Fan usage

It may not be necessary to turn on the thermostat just to feel cool. Instead, turning on the ceiling fan can easily make you feel cooler by up to 10 degrees. This consumes just 10 percent of the energy consumed by AC. You may alternatively go with high-tech ceiling fans that are smart ceiling fans. So it will be easy for you to switch it on and off.

It is often misconceived that the same AC temperature would get retained if we leave the room at the same cool temperature, but it is not so. The ideal way is to turn on the temperature while leaving your home.

Generally, the functioning of Air Conditioners is the best when it is run at is fullest speed for prolonged periods. So, it is better that you run it once you get back to home, rather than turning it on and off very often.

There are several programmable thermostats available these days. These are very convenient in terms of changing the temperature. While at work, you can still control its temperature.

Low settings

The thermostat should be kept at its peak temperature so that you can save a lot. Even a very meagre change in the thermostat will make a lot of difference.

Annually, you will be able to save about 10 percent by retaining the temperature of thermostat between 10 and 15 degrees.

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