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Vaya Kids Drynk – Hygienic and Convenient, Kids Drinkware Redefined!


Posted on : 11/Apr/2019 19:19:15

Chennai, April 11th, 2019: After disrupting the consumer market with their inimitable lunchboxes and drinkware, Vaya Life has embarked on healthy drinkware for kids with the launch of Vaya Kids Drynk. In a market filled with sippy cups and tumblers with straw, Vaya has taken a path less traveled and designed a strawless tumbler with a soft silicone spout. With an easy-to-hold design and a bite area that is tender on gums, Vaya Kids Drynk is perfect for turning everyday beverage drinking ritual absolutely healthy and fun!

Vaya Kids Drynk with PediaSafe Lid

Vaya Kids Drynk is a 280ml plastic drinkware with PediaSafe lids. With elliptical depressions for easy grip, the drinkware is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers. Made of Eastman Tritan plastic, free of bisphenol A (BPA), bisphenol S (BPS), and all other bisphenol compounds, Kids Drynk is the safest for tiny tots and growing kids. The strawlessPediaSafe lids come with three components – a silicone valve with two bite areas for sipping, a dust cap that protects the two spout areas, and a lid that makes the tumbler spill-proof.

The silicone valve with two designated bite areas is soft, extremely gentle on the gums and perfect to control the flow of liquids. The sipping process in the Pediasafe Lid closely mimics the natural feeding process for babies, ensuring a smooth and comfortable transition to drinking from tumbler. In a size that accommodates a comforting cup of warm milk or juice, Kids Drynk is appropriate for toddlers who are learning to be independent.

In case you prefer a metal tumbler for your kids, the PediaSafe lids are adaptable and can also be used with 350ml Vaya metal Drynk. In vibrant colours and easy-to-hold design, Drynk is perfect for your little champs who call their own shots when it comes to choosing their school gear! With the PediaSafe lid doubling the fun of Drynk, it becomes even better for your 6 or 7-year-olds who like to sip away their drinks with flourishing enthusiasm!

Commenting on the launch, Vashist, Founder and CEO of Vaya Life, stated “With a spill-proof design and a soft silicone spout, Vaya Kids Drynk is designed to be ergonomic for young hands. Easy-to-use and convenient to carry, it’s also the safest tumbler for 2-year-olds going on about their day-to-day activities with a flair!”

About Vaya: Vaya Life is a design-led company delivering a stellar line of utilitarian products that enhance consumer experience. Vaya’s premium product line includes Tyffyn, an insulated lunch box, Drynk, an insulated drinkware and Preserve, a range of multi-utility storage jars and accessories. With an intrinsic balance of style, functionality and quality, the everyday essentials from Vaya bond well with customers. Vaya is available in India and across 15 countries globally.