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IIT Madras retains No. 1 position for the 4 th time


Posted on : 09/Apr/2019 13:53:50

It is for the fourth consecutive time that the IIT Madras has acquired No.1 position as the top engineering institution in India. Further, it has acquired the name as the Top innovative institution.

In their note about this, IIT-M professors say they had sown the seeds for this victory a few years ago. There was a structured, strategic planning as to how we need to go about 2020. Well ahead of this ranking was done, we preplanned our path, says Ravindra Gettu, the deal of industrial consultancy and sponsored research of IIT Madras.

Back in 2014, we had structured the plan where we framed various steps for making qualitative and quantitative outputs by surging research intensity, strength of our faculties, PhD students, industry engagement and collaboration in international levels. There were plans to also set up IIT Madras Research Park intending to double up sponsored research.

We strive to give out solution that caters to industries, and seamlessly connect them with utmost relevance. Innovation and entrepreneurship have always been our top priorities. There is also a research park that promotes innovation using processes of incubation.

What makes IIT-M unique is the industry relationship we maintain. We know how valuable it is and we give riveting solutions. As we constantly innovate, we keep getting 140 patents annually. We also observe constant increase in research publications. These altogether escalate IIT-M ranking.

Considering the scenario 15 years ago, it was totally different. We had absolutely no patents. We eventually started observing the need for patenting technologies. We have seen about 50% increase in patent in the past 4 years. So industries went on to get their licensing and approach us for technical know how. This also resulted in industry funding, says IIT-M senior faculty.
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