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The cockroach story narrated by Google CEO Sundar Pichai goes viral


Posted on : 09/Apr/2019 12:07:56

It is a regular feature of the speeches/addresses by the Google CEO Sundar Pichai to include some interesting anecdotes/stories in various events! The Google CEO, Sundar Pichai recounted another story during his recent address at IIT Kanpur (where he studies). Now, his narration has gone viral on the net!

The story centres around a cockroach! This story has a highlight of providing some clarity regarding success in individual lives. Apart from this, an interesting aspect/observation is that this story resembles the present situation in case of the Tamil Nadu governor.

The cockroach story

The narration by Sundar Pichai starts: I was having coffee in a hotel one day. There was a group of friends in a nearby table. They were discussing various things and dining. During a moment, suddenly a cockroach flew on to the table and sat on the shoulder of a lady! The lady was anxious and cried and got up! Shocked and rambling, she shook her hand and moved around trying to get rid of the cockroach! After some effort, the lady managed to get it off from her body.

However, the cockroach did not fall on the ground! Instead, it got on to another lady and rested on her! That lady cred even coarser and tried to drive the cockroach away! She succeeded after some time!

However, the cockroach flew on and sat on another person it was none other than a server on his shoulder!  However, unlike the other 2 ladies, the server was unperturbed and calm he watched the movement of the cockroach and at the right time he grabbed it with his fingers and threw it out!

Sundar Pichai, who watched all this, started thinking! Was the cockroach responsible for the ladies behaviour? No! It was the easily excitable nature of the ladies! However, unperturbed and clear thinking by the server enabled him to catch the insect at the right moment and throw it away!

So, I (Sundar Pichai) realised something! As long as we remain in control within ourselves, nothing happening outside will bother us too much! We can face any circumstances! Only, with a degree of mental control! Thus, it is always better to think a bit and then take decisions rather than plunging into action straight away!

With this story, one is drawn to the conclusion that it is always better to think first and then decide the course of action which only will lead to success. How true! This also applies very much to the present political scenario in Tamil Nadu! The Tamil Nadu governor, in this situation, needs to think and then make a decision on the present tense situation!

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