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TRB to conduct TET online


Posted on : 26/Mar/2019 11:53:12

The Teachers Recruitment Board (TRB) has been conducting a lot of qualifying tests for various teachers posts including TET - teachers eligibility test, post-graduate teachers test,  government  polytechnic lecturers test, the test for Assistant Professors in government engineering colleges, Test for Primary Education Officer (presently the regional/circle education officer) tests for special teachers, etc.

It has been announced that with changes having been carried out in the recruitment of graduate teachers and middle-level teachers, a new competitive examination will be conducted for those who qualify.

Maloperations were detected in the entrance examinations conducted last year for the recruitment of government polytechnic examination and the previous teachers eligibility test (TET). Hence, TRB has taken a decision to conduct the examinations eliminating the scope for maloperations and also faster release of the examination results.

Earlier, the applications for participating in the entrance examinations were received in paper format. However, online application/registration was introduced 2 years ago.

In this situation, the test for computer teachers, scheduled to be conducted soon, will be conducted online. Presently, online applications for this examination are being received.

The higher officials of TRB share in this regard:

Subsequent to the online examination for the posts of computer teachers, TRB has decided to conduct all tests only online. The activities for implementing this are to be completed shortly.

However, the examinations for which a considerably large number of applications are received will be continued to be conducted on the OMR Sheet system as usual. The main reason for this is that for TET (Teachers Eligibility Test), it is normal to receive over 7 Lakhs applications. In this situation, it is rather difficult to conduct online tests.

Generally, for the tests such as government polytechnic lecturers, assistant professors in the government engineering colleges, lecturer in the government Law colleges, primary education officer (presently regional/circle education officer), lecturers for teachers training institutes, Senior lecturers, and special category teachers, only a reasonably less number of applications are likely to be received.

So, it has been decided that after duly considering the situation, online tests will be conducted whenever less number of applications is received. OMR Sheet system will be used for a large number of applications such as TET. Online tests will facilitate the release of results in a very short period within a few weeks.