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DMK Election Manifesto 2019


Posted on : 22/Mar/2019 16:08:05

The President of the DMK, M K Stalin, released the DMK election manifesto at the Chennai Anna Arivalyam on 19th March. The special features:

  • The required legal activities will be undertaken to make Tamil as one of the official languages to facilitate the central government offices functioning in Tamil Nadu to use Tamil for communication.
  • A separate budget to be presented for Agriculture.
  • 50% of the tax revenues collected by the central government should be allotted to the states.
  • In order to facilitate the developed state to grow further, funds must be allotted based on the execution skill of the respective states and without any partiality/bias to allot the due share.
  • The central Financial Council should be formed as defined by the state councils.
  • The old pension scheme should be brought back for both the central and state government employees.
  • As per the Employees Pension Scheme Act 1995, a minimum monthly pension of Rs.8000 must be fixed.
  • A high-level expert economists council with special category and authority should be formed to redeem the India Economy which had been extensively shattered due to the wrong policies and actions of the present ruling BJP.
  • Activities will be initiated to raise the minimum annual individual income to be Rs. 1.5 Lakhs.
  • The earlier system used for fixing the prices of petrol and diesel should be brought back.
  • The present system of the subsidy amount given to the LPG cooking gas consumer being deposited in the consumers bank account should be withdrawn and the direct reduced price only must be charged to the customer/consumer.
  • Activities will be initiated to link all the South Indian rivers.
  • Action will be initiated to cancel NEET.
  • Activities would be undertake to completely waive off the education loans extended to the students.
  • In order to maintain the National Highways, a lot of 1 Crore persons who have studied up to 10th Standard will be deployed as rural staff.
  • Required activities will be undertaken to introduce the reservation quota even in the private enterprises job opportunities.
  • 49-lakhs women from villages who have studied up to 10th Standard will be deployed as People Welfare Staff.
  • For the rural/village families living under the BPL (Below Poverty Line), an interest-free loan fo up to Rs. 50000 will be offered to 1 girl per family.
  • As per the India-Sri Lanka Agreement 1964,all the Sri Lankan Tamils who have migrated to India will be given Indian Citizenship immediately.
  • The toll fee collected in the National Highways even after the licence of the private agency has expired would be cancelled.
  • All school and college students should be given special concessional tickets for travel.
  • Just like Chennai, Metro Rail Systems should be set up in the other major cities of Tamil Nadu Madurai, Salem, Trichy, and Coimbatore,.
  • The Archaeological Research at Keezhadi will be continue. A special museum will be set up to display the items excavated,
  • A special 0.5% of fund \s will be allotted in the budget proposal for some national disasters such as cyclones (Gaja), etc.
  • Security houses will be arranged in the areas affected by cyclones.
  • A new law will be enacted to protect the coastal residents from the natural fury.
  • Under the CSR (Corporate social Responsibilityty) jobs will be allotted to a minimum of 50000 persons at a monthly salary of Rs. 10000 under the jb provision scheme.
  • A suitable Law will be enacted for all the sex crimes occurring due to the social media.
  • Cauvery Delta areas will be declared as special agricultural zones.
  • Action will be initiated to emphasis giving up projects such as Methane, Hydrocarbon, and Neutrino.
  • During the 100 days job-opportunity, farmers will be given free agricultural items/equipment. This 100 days will be increased to 150 days job opportunity.
  • All the vacancies which have remained in the last 5 years in both the central and state government offices will be filled up.
  • Activities will be initiated to expedite the Sethusmudhram Project.
  • Activities will be taken to protect against the nature/practice of all religions.
  • The release of the 7 Tamilian involved in Rajiv Gandhi assassination would be emphasised.
  • The cable TV charges will be restored to the old levels.
  • A new law to be enacted to prevent human abductions.
  • Activities to protect the cracker industry
  • Free electricity to protect the poor agricultural economy.
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