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Buying helmets the right way. All you need to know


Posted on : 14/Feb/2019 15:48:54

While you invest a lot of interest and time in buying a bike for yourself, what time do you spend towards buying a helmet that saves your life during unforeseen incidents? Often times, when we buy a helmet, what drives us is the rules and regulations that the government has imposed on us! Dont we have to adhere to it? Yes, and that stands behind as the reason for grabbing a helmet than personal safety reasons.

Set them apart and understand that you should primarily understand the necessity of a helmet which is to keep you safe and protected throughout your drive. It should be comfortable that you dont get diverted or irked while driving, and should be sturdy enough to bear with accidents that happens unfortunately.

Helmets used day-to-day are available in different sizes and styles. As the first and foremost step, you should zero in on the type helmet you wish to buy. Generally, closed-face helmets are the best. The next thing is to figure out the right size of helmet that is also airy to give you enough ventilation. It should also be paddy. The next factor is that it should be audible even after you shut the visor. And it should not weigh too much and the visor should be clear enough to give you good visibility.

Of these elements, the helmets weight is to be importantly considered as just an extra of a 100-200 grams can easily cause severe neck pain with usage. So opting for light weighing helmets is ideal.

Coming on to the quality, always make sure to buy helmets of ISI standards. Note that you should always be liberal in spending towards helmet. And when you buy the helmet, focus more on safety than to go for style or design that is mere look!

The Chennai story

As far as the Chennai city is concerned, there are a lot of roadside vendors selling helmets at rates as low as Rs 300 or Rs 500. And there are hundreds of people who grab such cheap-priced helmets purely for the cause of not getting caught by the traffic police. They hardly think of safety, sadly! Such roadside-sold helmets do nothing than to just cover up your skull pity the poor buyer! These helmets cannot keep your skull protected in emergency situations.

The online fraudulence

There are too many varieties of helmets available online. There is going to be no issue as long as you are confident of your head size and the manufacturer is renowned. However when you are not sure of your head size measurement or when the seller is a local vendor who doesnt sell standard sized helmets, the issue starts. 

There are in fact cases where you buy the wrong sized helmet and struggle to replace it with the right sized ones. So ultimately, rather than going for online purchase from any random seller, go for branded ones that is sure to give you perfectly sized ones.

Importantly, when you visit a bricks and mortar store to buy a helmet, never hesitate to try it on your head before buying it finally. Take time to analyze the quality, check its fit on your head, the comfort it gives and a lot more factors before you finalize to buy the helmet.