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Why at the Chennai Park station commuters face huge risk?


Posted on : 12/Jan/2019 09:15:16

Park railway station is one of the important stations in the Chennai city and many people use this station every day. This busy station has got footfall of 30,000 and many commuters move from southern areas to northern and western suburbs from here. It is well known that this station serves the neighbourhood of Park Town. It is now brought out that the commuters do not use the wide FOB or foot over bridge but just walk across the railway tracks to go to their places. This is highly risky for the commuters. According to a senior RPF officer it is clear that regular announcements were made but people still jaywalk. As per section 147 of Indian Railway Act, crossing railway tracks is a punishable offence.

The official expressed his thoughts on the safety of the commuters and said the commuters must follow the rules and the rule is also applicable for those who travel on the train footboard. To go from one platform to another, some people use stationary EMU trains also and the double discharge platforms present in the Park station makes this possible. The officials belonging to the railways are helpless now in this matter. It was revealed by some commuters that using the FOB was difficult because of the huge crowd and it took more time in the peak hours of time.

A businessman who frequently uses Park railway station expressed his thoughts and said jaywalking was very dangerous. He then added that railways must invest more money in the installation of escalators that would be more comfortable than FOB. The presence of CCTV cameras would help in identifying those who cross the railway tracks. This was mentioned by another regular commuter.

The officials belonging to railways expressed their helplessness and said the people were willing to pay the penalties yet repeat the mistake of crossing the railway tracks. It was revealed by an official that at this Park railway station every day there were 25 minor and major accidents and the people don’t learn from that. He added that the installation of escalators would prevent accidents at this station.