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Why brush at night?


Posted on : 05/Jan/2019 09:54:01

Dentists advise us to brush twice a day: once in the morning and once before bedtime. Are we actually following this?

We practice the rule of brushing in the morning, but fail to do the same at night. If you are one among those who skip nighttime brushing, this article will definitely help you.

The bacteria present inside your mouth will feed on the food you eat. They will then leave out their waste material that are acidic and causes breakdown of tooth enamel thus resulting in eventual tooth decay and cavities.

As you make it a practice to skip brushing at night, what happens is hardening of teeth due because plaque will start calcifying. This will then cause bad breath followed by gum infection and gum bleeding and also swollen gums.

Why is it important to brush your teeth at night?

By skipping nighttime brushing, you let plaque grow and get matured throughout nighttime when it is left undisturbed. This then acid colonization that in turn produces bacteria.

The benefits of brushing at night

Bye bye acid build up

Constantly, there is acid build up inside your mouth. This acid gets neutralized with the saliva secreted in your mouth as it contains calcium. In night hours, there is low saliva production by default. Hence, there is acid accumulation while you are asleep. As you practice to brush at night, you ensure that there is no dip in saliva production as the toothpaste fluoride will ensure the same. Ultimately, you help your teeth in protecting itself from corrosion.

Less bacterial growth

Saliva secreted in your mouth will reduce multiplication of bacteria.

No decaying of food particles

Ever noticed those minute food residues inside your mouth? They may be present inside your mouth overnight. So, it is recommended that you hit the bed with clean mouth so that you don’t end up with foul mouth the next morning.