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TRAI New regulations - henceforth. pay only for the channels watched on TV


Posted on : 27/Dec/2018 16:04:41

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has imposed new regulations for the DTH (Direct To Home) TV channel service that the consumers need to pay only based on the channels watched by them. This regulation will be effective from 29th December.

TRAI released the new regulations on telecasting and cable TV services yesterday (Wednesday, 26th December). The above point has been included in the revised regulations.

TRAI has assured that the customers will not have any difficulties in continuing to watch the channels of their own preference.

Earlier, the consumers/customers need to pay a package deal to DTH services irrespective of whether they ever watched all the channels offered on that package. The package may contain both the preferred channels and the other channels, may be of different languages.

Henceforth, this will not be the case. The consumers can select their own preferred list of channels and make the monthly payment charges for them only. As per the new regulations, the cable TV service providers have to furnish to the customers the details the monthly charges of the individual channel and monthly package amount.

It is mentioned in the TRAI announcement as:

There is information doing rounds that once the new regulations of TRAI are effective from 29th December, all the channels watched by the consumers may get cut off. However, the cable TV service providers have been clearly instructed not to disturb/disconnect any of the channels preferred and watched by the consumers.

Considering in favour of the consumers, TRAI has changed the monthly payment format in a simpler form. With this monthly plan, there is the ideal opportunity for the consumers to select only the channels they prefer to watch and use the services accordingly. For this, there would be no additional charges for the consumers.

The consumers, after discussion with the other members of the family, can select the list of preferred channels to watch and make the monthly payment accordingly. Meanwhile, they have the option as well to continue with the package offered by the service provider and pay the monthly fees accordingly.