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Super soft Chapathi at home


Posted on : 06/Dec/2018 18:55:50

Chapathi! Thats a versatile dish that can go for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. It is also a preferred dish for kids at your home. It is suitable for people of all age groups starting from toddlers to adults to elders! But there are a lot of people who find it difficult to achieve softest chapathi. For all of you who are struggling to achieve the softness, here is the perfect recipe for a soft chapathi. But remember that there are a few dishes that you can achieve only through PRACTICE. And chapathi is one of those. Keeping that in mind, give this dish a try. Keep trying and you will certainly thrive. 

Before getting into the actual recipe, let us introduce to you the term Autolyse. Ever heard of it? If not, lets explain.

Autolyse it is a very common term in bread making. This is the time period that is given to the dough between kneading and mixing. With this, the dough will be able to absorb more water than usual. The process involves simple mixing of water and the flour until there is no water seen. If you do too much of mixing, there are chances that the gluten will get activated and water absorption will get hindered. Nope, dont let that happen. Mix the flour with water just until the water isnt seen. That is called autolyze.

Proportion for autolyze

Note: the proportion of water and flour may vary depending on the quality of the flour. Basically, for one portion of wheat flour, half a cup of water will suffice.


Take a large bowl and add half a cup of water to it. To this, add required amount of salt and dissolve it in water. Now, add a cup of flour to it. Using a spoon or ladle, simply mix the water and flour. Make sure not to overdo this step. Do it just until the water gets mixed.

Once this is done, set it aside for 30-45 minutes. After this period of rest, mix the dough for about a minute until it forms to a single unit of dough. Keep this aside again for half an hour. 

After this period of rest, once again, it is time to use your hands for kneading. Using your hands, knead the dough thoroughly to make it a soft dough. It is optional to add one or two spoons of oil at this step. 

The actual process of making Chapathi

Remember: Remember that making Chapathi involves very little flipping. Just 2 times of flipping is going to be sufficient to achieve a soft Chapathi. 

Heat a Tawa. Toss the Chapathi thats rolled! Allow it cook for half a minute. You will notice minute bubbles popping up. Now, flip it to the next side. Yet again, you will notice tiny bubbles popping up. So, now it is time to repeat the process, but with oil. Flip it again and add a spoon of oil. Make sure not to press the Chapathi with ladle. Flip it once more and you are done making a super-soft Chapathi.