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Cyclone Gaja - precautionary measures to be taken


Posted on : 12/Nov/2018 4:43:24 PM

The Chennai Meteorological Centre has informed that the cyclone Gaja will cross the coast during the forenoon on 15th November.

Presently, the cyclone is located at 840 km from Nagapattinam (Tamil Nadu) and this may lead to the prospects of rain until it crosses the coast from the 14th November night onwards in Thanjavur and the neighbouring districts.

Further, a Red Alert warning has been issued to Tamil Nadu state. Though this is just an alert signal given by the weather bureau to facilitate the precautionary actions to be taken by the district administration, the public also needs to take some precautionary measures.
The National Disaster Management Authority has emphasized the public regarding  a few aspects on this including the precautionary actions to be taken:

  • Check the construction quality of the house and the layout. If any cracks are found, immediately undertake the patchwork required and also setting the latches of all doors right.
  • Remove if any broken tree branches are located, especially the branches which are rather heavy located near the house.
  • In case glass items/articles are used in the taller walls on the terrace or unused glass items/materials, remove them immediately.
  • Just as a precaution, buy items such as batteries, kerosene, candles, drinking water cans, and essential grocery items like rice.
  • Destroy the constructions which are already partly demolished.
  • Procure items such as dry fruits (almond, cashew, pistachio, etc) and keep.
Aspects to be aware of
  • Make sure that the latest information regarding storm is accessible.
  • Do not forward any messages received from others regarding the cyclone
  • Please be aware which source of news is trustworthy and which is true.
  • Do not pass on any misinformation to others under the pretext of cautioning!
  • Be in touch with the media to immediately know about the time the cyclone crosses the coast, the details of rainfall and the wind speeds.
When the cyclone is prevailing
  • Listen to the Radio news.
  • Know about the warning zones regarding cyclone and pass on to residents in the concerned areas.
  • Continue doing your usual routine work. At the same time, be prepared to encounter any dangerous situation..
  • Please be reminded that any cyclonic warning will be applicable only for the next 24 hours!
  • In case you expect your residential locality to get easily flooded or inundated, plan to shift immediately from there without any wait.
  • In case the residential locality is safe and then flood enters, shift to the higher floors of the house.
  • If staying on the ground floor, remove all important items keep them at a higher place.
  • Keep all lighter things which can be blown away easily in a bundled form.
  • Keep the glass doors of the windows closed.
  • Remove the plug connection of the electronic/electrical gadgets.
  • In case advised shifting from the residence
  • Take all essential items like food, medicine, etc in a safe pack.
  • In this situation, you need not to get anxious about your property and items confirm that you and your near and dear are safe.
  • In case shifted to a camp, continue staying in the camp until there is a clear announcement that y your locality is back into the safe condition
  • Never get panicky or terrified. Be prepared to face any danger!



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