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How cardamom can relieve you from cough and cold?


Posted on : 02/Nov/2018 12:56:27

Eliachi is the spice mainly used for the aromatic feature it contains offering an exclusive flavor for food and beverages. Though the primary view on Cardamom or eliachi is the flavor there are numerous health benefits associated with the spice. It is one of the key spices of India giving the unique taste for many food cuisine all over the country. Mostly it is used in flavoring tea, sweets and some special foods. But the consumption of cardamom can also help in reducing the cough and cold symptoms.

Eliachi can reduce sore throat, congestion and other flu related infections with its natural chemical compounds. The spice can boost the digestion paving way for better gut health which has a direct link with catching cold and cough. It is rich in anti-oxidants and other essential elements facilitating our bodies to fight against cold and cough infections.

Sipping hot cup of Eliachi masala tea will keep way throat congestion and pain in the times of bacterial overgrowth dedicated to winter season. Prepare yourself a hot cup of water and add some cardamom pods into it. Add some pure organic honey into the mixture and consume it every three to four hours. It will act immediately on the affected areas of throat and food pipe relieving from cold and flu like symptoms.

People suffering from acid reflux can also reduce their coughing and mucus forming symptoms by chewing cardamom pods. It activates the salivary glands stimulating the entire digestive tracks reducing the impact of acid travelling against gravity as a result of reflux. Eliachi strengthens the mucosal lining of the stomach aiding for good digestion. This in turn reduces the reflux associated symptoms such as heart burn, burping and stomach pain.

The anti-inflammatory properties of cardamom can relieve you directly from lung related diseases like asthma, congestion and severe cold. Chewing eliachi mixed well with the saliva produces chemical compounds that will easily reduce the mucus formation and acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial lining for the entire digestive and respiratory tract.

These are the primary reasons that Eliachi is considered to be the queen of spices. In addition the natural aroma and flavor in the spice it also serves the purpose of offering numerous health benefits as well like other spices of south India. The main reason for Europeans migrating to India before four hundred years is their search for the divine South Indian spices that has both taste and health benefits associated with the food preparation.