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WhatsApp chats get even more exciting


Posted on : 27/Oct/2018 15:58:41

There have been reports that the popular messaging platform, WhatsApp has been working out to develop new features which are Vacation mode and Silent mode both of which are aimed at improving the chatting experience. Now, WhatsApp has come up with another interesting features amidst the speculations which is fun stickers. This is launched both for Android and iOS. With this, WhatsApp users will be able to send stickers in between group chats and enjoy enhanced chatting experience and find your chat even more engaging and interesting.

You can share your feelings with fun using stickers like broken heart, a teacup that smiles, etc. There are going to be sticker packs created by the designers at WhatsApp and a number of other artists have designed too.

In a recent blog post, WhatsApp states that new features are likely to be included in every aspect of WhatsApp starting from camera to status and animated GIF. This will enhance the overall WhatsApp experience to chat with friends and family. WhatsApp blog further states that it is super exciting to roll out this new feature.

How to use stickers in WhatsApp chat?

There is a separate sticker button seen at the text box. Click on it and you will be displayed with the available stickers. Tap on whichever you wish to share. There are other additional sticker packs which can be opted to by clicking Plus icon. On WhatsApp version 2.18.100, these features are already available and functional for iPhone users, to note. However, a new update in this regard is awaited by Android. In a WhatsApp statement, it is said that in another few weeks, these stickers for Android as well as iPhone can be expected.

There are also options on WhatsApp to support third party sticker packs using which designers and developers can design their own stickers to be used on WhatsApp. For this, there are exclusive APIs and interfaces included by WhatsApp. With this, one can build sticker apps and add new stickers to WhatsApp on iOS as well as Android.