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Get your common weight loss questions answered


Posted on : 18/Oct/2018 12:54:03

First things first - reducing weight is a job of months or years. You need to invest your efforts and time to achieve the weight you desire. There are a lot of contemporary methods, tricks and ideas for shedding kilos. But which is right and which is better? Which is going to be ideal for you? There are too many options to get confused with. So, let us clear your most common queries and throw better clarity.

Is cardio workout helpful?

Yes, cardio workout is very helpful in shedding kilos. However, remember not to workout cardio exercises in empty stomach. Of course, there are theories and proofs that you can shed more kilos when you practice cardio workouts with your stomach empty, but to achieve best benefits, you ought to give your body the needed energy by fueling it.

Is diet really helpful?

Ah, the very basic question is about dieting! This has been under debate for years and years. There is really no proper proof or evidence about its effectiveness. The ideal method will be to balance dieting and high resistance training. So, you will be able to shed extra fat and still hold the same muscle strength.

Lose weight with sex

Yes, sex is a form of exercise where you burn substantial calorie count. However, you are not going to lose much weight because the overall period is going to be 10 minutes approximately. So, this cannot be considered as a concrete physical workout.

Reduced hours of workout

When you do not have enough time to work out, but you still have to, you can choose to practice HIIT training which means High Interval Training, and brisk exercises such as speed walking or jogging. These will largely change your bodys composition within very less time.

Shed kilos with water

There is a wide belief that drinking more water can make you feel fuller and hinder your craving for junk food, thus ultimately helping you shed kilos. According to a recent Australian study, with 2 glasses of water ahead of workout, there was increase in weight loss by about 4.5 kg.

Gaining weight

You can very easily reduce your kilos yes, thats true. When you practice the right routine and diet, you are sure to reduce kilos, but the real challenge lies with maintaining the weight which we call as kilojoule deficit. You will bounce back to your original, previous body weight when you fail to continue proper diet practices.

Should you avoid carbs at night?

Yes, you need to reduce your carbs intake, but remember that carbs are not your enemies. According to a study about obesity, those who reduced their carbs intake after 7 pm were able to reduce more kilos as compared to others who normally had carbs.

Note that carbs such as those in jasmine rice are helpful in making you feel fuller and longer.

Is the 5:2 rule helpful?

To those who are shrinking their eyebrows without knowing what is 5:2 thing, it is a diet practice where you restrict your food intake to 2400 kilojoules for 2 days and eat normally on the remaining 5 days. Yes, this diet will produce your desireded results as you will be able to burn the calories just the way you do with other plans.

Lesser sleep increases weight

That is very often observed. As you continuously lose proper sleep for a few days, your energy level will drop down and will not be able to do the regular daily works as the way you do on regular sleep days. So, you tend to eat a lot on days when you dont sleep well. Ultimately, to lose kilos, you need sufficient sleep.