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32 Model schools to be developed by the government of Tamil Nadu


Posted on : 30/Aug/2018 09:26:52

For developing government schools, the Tamil Nadu government has come up with a superb idea now. It is revealed that the state government has selected one government higher secondary school in every district present in TN and these schools would be developed as model schools soon. It is now expected that by this move by the TN government many private as well as public organisations would also take up this work of developing a model school.

On Wednesday, 29th August 2018, a meeting between chief educational officers and headmasters took place and there were discussions regarding the modalities and the facilities that would be provided in the model school.

The state government would provide an amount of Rs 50 lakh as grant to each school and this was according to the announcement made by the education minister Mr. Sengottaiyan. Submission of the action plans to develop these schools is an important work and the district committees headed by collectors were assigned with this work. For the rest of the amount that is needed for upgrading these schools, the local authorities would play their roles. The chief educational officers have selected the schools based on the factors such as underdeveloped nature, having open space for constructing buildings etc.

The officials later spoke about how the model schools would have libraries, labs, sports facilities, smart classrooms plus other facilities that are needed to provide quality education to the students. The officials are hoping that this move would attract more public and philanthropists plus alumni of government schools to take part in the development of government schools.

The move of the state government to select a government school and later develop it as a model school was criticized by educationist Mr. Gajendrababu. He spoke about how this move by the state government would create inequality amongst the schools. He later explained how each and every government school must be regarded as model school and must be developed. He highlighted that state government selecting one government school and later developing that school as a model school would lead to discriminating the students studying in other government schools and that was against the provision of Article 14. Mr. Gajendrababu finally spoke about how the model school concept was not new to TN and how there are model schools near every teacher training institute in TN. He explained the importance of government funding all the government schools and how all the government schools in TN must be developed as model schools.