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Kaala, Ranjith-Rajini second combo first day first show reports


Posted on : 07/Jun/2018 12:34:31

The years much expected movie was out for the public today and many opinions about the movie started entering the social media sites even before the release here in India owing to overseas shows. Mostly positive responses are pouring down from all corners, expressing the clarity towards the mainstream cinema that was handled well this time in the second combination of Director Ranjith and Rajinikanth.

Though Kabali was a blockbuster in the charts of Indian Cinema top collections the reviews were mixed partially praising the nuances and rest negatively criticizing the badly used film language. Now the new flick from the same team but produced by Actor Dhanush through his banner Wunderbar productions, raised high expectations from the day of its inception.

There were many speculations about the project, especially after the controversy aroused as the result of Rajinikanths visit to Thoothukudi government hospital and the press conference. Keeping out all the irrelevant external factors boosting the promotion of the movie, lets take a look how the movie works as a stand-alone feature film with a big star.

The films thematic view is all about land and how the livelihood of people gets affected if their lands are grabbed out from their hands. The actions takes place in the slums of Mumbai Dharavi headed by the leader or don, Karikaalan AKA Kaala. Many political references of the current central government were used all over the movie in forms of symbolism. Ramayana touches were clearly visible in the movie, a good prey to the set of people enjoying nuances of a narrative film story.

The film portrays how bodies of government destroys the basic rights of people in the name of development and infrastructure management. Director Ranjith uses the commercial viability of Rajinikanth as an opportunity to educate the masses about the suppression and inequality done without any guilt in favor of cast and religion. Somewhat he is successful to some extent with this flick mostly achieved through dialogues.

If viewed from a film language aspect the total form and structure of the film falls flat in terms of proper screenplay. It doesnt respect the audience intellect in any form or something that will set the trend of filmmaking and narrative style of Tamil cinema. The movie is just another mainstream pleasing movie with some social messages filled all over in perfect places getting applauses from the viewers.  In super hero mainstream movies, the makers from Hollywood or other world cinema clearly states the comic books adaptation and the super powers acquired by some common protagonists. But here in Indian movie making scenario writers of movies such as Kaala tend to place their heroes in a realistic world and environment but gives them super powers fighting ten to hundred people at a time or doing unreal stunts in the name of fight sequences.

Many of the socio-political messages are conveyed with right amount of surfacing scenes that holds well the audience attention throughout the movie. Songs and background scores are composed by Santhosh Narayanan and he proved the power of re-recording in such mainstream fantasy movies.

Editing was well crafted by the legendary Sreekar Prasad and the Art department team headed by Ramalingam must be praised for the huge r realistic sets of Dharavi, Mumbai. The cinematography of the film handled by Murali was rich and colorful in terms of setting a tone with dominating black theme. The visual aims for a deep focus touch with huge crowds and set constructions giving grand look and feel.

Rajinikanth carries the role of Kaala easily with his mammoth experience in cinema, style and simplicity combined this time. Nana Patekar, the antagonist of the movie won hearts with his minute facial expressions and body languages challenging the performance of Rajinikanth. All the performances of the supporting characters are decent and well extracted.

As a combined art form the quality of the movie dealt with visuals and sound design were well crafted with a compromising old style of film structure. The movie tries hard to express the caste politics and religious adulteration in the welfare of the people degrading their development. The ultimate power was always people fighting for their own rights, the climax will so much relate with the current scenario of Tamil Nadu.