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Share your whereabouts with Google Maps now


Posted on : 03/May/2018 11:43:38

Safety is often very unachievable in many cases, especially during travel. We however can make ourselves as safe as possible with the help of technology. One such latest technological advancement is here from Google - you can now share your real-time location with your friends and family. For this, all you need is a Google account. If you dont have a Google account, go create one as the first step.

Select Google Maps app on your smartphone and sign into it. There is a main menu; click on it. Under the main menu, click on Location Sharing and Add people. You are free to choose the time duration of location sharing. Once this is done, select people with whom you wish to share your location. For this, you will have to choose the list of people from your Contacts List. Choose your list and youre all set to share your location.


Parents, especially those of girl children who are scared and worried about the whereabouts of their daughter(s), travelers, people who often commute, etc. all of whom need extra safety and take precautionary measures can be benefitted out of this app and keep their whereabouts informed to their near ones.

How to cease location sharing?

In case you wish to cease location sharing, you can click open Google Maps app. Enter Location Sharing under Main Menu. There is a Cross mark against each and every contact to whom you have shared your location. Click on the cross to remove the respective contact from sharing list.

Inform Estimated Time of Arrival

Once you begin your journey, it is possible to share destination, ETA and the route you choose to travel.
  • Enter Google Maps
  • Feed the destination
  • After beginning Navigation, click on More and select Share Trip Progress
  • Select contacts to whom you wish to share.
  • Click on Share
  • As you arrive at the destination, Location Sharing will stop too
Where are you?

It is also possible to view the person who has shared their location with you. For this, click on Google Maps. Select Location Sharing from the Main Menu. Select the person whom you wish to track. Click the icon of the respective contact to view.

How to cease viewing location?

Click on Google Maps and in the bottom, you find an option called More. You have the option called Hide from Map. Click open it and the respective contact will be hidden thereafter.

How to hide a contact?

Click on the main menu and click Location Sharing. You have the option called Hidden from Map where the list of contacts that are hidden will be displayed. Choose it and click on More option. Here, there is an option called Show on Map click on it to view again.