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Crude Oil Price Increase leads to dramatic rise in Petrol and Diesel Prices


Posted on : 20/Apr/2018 3:08:10 PM

The price of the Crude oil went up to $74.74 per barrel followed by a sudden increase in the rate of petrol and diesel prices. The recent increase of rate is the highest in the last 55 months of Petrol/Diesel Price fluctuations.

The Crude oil prices hit a new benchmark in India causing lots of interior negative feedbacks from the public. After 2014 the prices were on a rise-up spree without any kind of lowering in the overall graph. Now the record hit a new high costing Rs81.92 per litre for Petrol and Rs 69.50 per litre for diesel in Mumbai. Mumbai has the highest state taxes on fuel and so the impact of crude oil rate increase is very much visible in the charts of this business capital of India.

The next primary cities are Chennai, New Delhi and Kolkata affected by the increase in the rats of these essential motor fuels. The old system of pricing didnt have a sudden impact in the price charts locally. Now the scenario of crude oil is entirely changed in terms of American politics over the nations that has crude oil.

The dollar imposition in the crude oil pricing started to show its evil face in many countries especially in India where the Private sectors also playing a major role in determining the petrol and diesel prices.

The new system is a complete chaos that the price fluctuations are very frequently changing and annoying the daily life of the public who are highly relied on the fuel for their lifes progression directly and indirectly.

The consumers will demand more tax cut if the prices still increase in terms with the new system of crude oil dependence in the nation. The public anger needs to be clarified and sorted out immediately as the petrol and diesel prices are very high in terms of comparing it to other countries. Here the mediations and the private dependence costs the publics hard earned money that is more or less realized all over the nation.



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