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Differently abled adults to stay in unutilised government buildings in Tamil Nadu


Posted on : 23/Feb/2018 10:35:20 AM

In this society there are many types of people present is known. It is very important to note that the normal individuals must show some respect, sympathy and care towards the differently abled persons and must ensure that these differently abled people have a proper place to live. In this aspect the news that has come out now would bring huge relief in the faces of many differently abled peoples.

The latest news is commissioner for the differently able would soon be writing to the district collectors in order to find out unused government buildings plus spaces. It is now said that these unutilized buildings could be converted into the homes for the adult people with physical problems.

On Thursday 22nd of February 2018 a meeting took place between the representatives belonging to the National Trust and state level district officials and the above mentioned aspect was discussed.

The adult people having issues like autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation and multiple disabilities need great love and care. Amount of Rs 3 lakhs could be utilised to set up homes for the people with above mentioned issues. It must be noted that Gharaunda scheme plays huge role and NGOs under National Trust could source money from the centre in providing homes for adults who are differently abled.

It is known that an amount of Rs 1000 every month is allocated by the government for the individuals living in these homes and currently as many as 43 organisations are registered under the trust.

It is now revealed by Mr Mukesh Jain who is joint secretary and chief executive officer of the trust, that NGOs are not showing much interest and they are reluctant to set up Gharaunda centres because the government is not allocating enough funds.  

Mr Mukesh Jain also spoke about the cost of the lands that are very high plus he also about the shortage of funds. It is now clear that during the meeting Mr Mukesh Jain asked Tamil commissioner of differently abled Mr Arun Roy that unutilized government buildings could be used as homes for adults with disabilities. After this Mr Arun Roy said he would write to district collectors to find out such buildings and spaces present. Renovation of these buildings of the government would be done using centre funds.

One important piece of information that needs to be mentioned here is the state of Tamil Nadu has got as many as 16 lakh people who are differently abled. It is confirmed that around one lakh people out of total 16 lakhs have got multiple disabilities and that is shocking. People having their ages between 20 and 29 are highly affected and those having ages between 30 and 39 comes next in this aspect.

Parents having children with physical issues are more worried because after they pass away their childrens face many difficulties regarding their staying. Now the good news for these parents is the officials would be solving this important problem of theirs.

It is important to note that during the meeting mentioned above many stake holders expressed their opinions and asked the state to revive local level committees that are mandated to be set up.   It is now said that there are now 17 districts that has these committees where collectors are in-charge and more than half of the above are not functioning.

It must be noted that the committee must have a representative of an NGO plus a differently abled person and this committee is responsible for appointing a guardian for the differently abled people.

Vaishnavi Jayakumar who is disability rights activist spoke about the differently abled people who require long time care.



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