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Mosquito repelling plants to grow in your home


Posted on : 13/Sep/2017 12:51:26

When it’s monsoon season, our house and areas around will start receiving uninvited guests: insects, mosquitoes, house flies, bugs, etc. It is often challenging and tough to keep these disease spreading organisms at bay.
There are natural repellents that can help you bid bye to mosquitoes. You have a lot of plant varieties that you can grow in your home, garden or patio space to keep these insects away. Check out the list of some of those below:
As most of us think, this is not just a decorative flower. Marigold is a wonderful flower that comes with a lot of beneficial properties. It has a distinct fragrance in its pollens and petals. It helps in repelling mosquitoes in and around it. You may plant the flower at your garden area or in pots and place it in the balcony area or terrace. You can then observe substantial reduction in mosquitoes and make your surrounding even more attractive in appearance.
Basil is basically used as a flavoring agent in cooking. Do you know that it can also act as a mosquito repellent? It is very effective in this part as well. It emits a pungent smell that helps us in keeping mosquitoes and flies away. You may grow it in your garden area or in small pots and keep around your home. Keep in mind that growing basil needs enough sunlight, good drainage and water system.
Citronella can grow for up to 5 to 6 feet. It is a perennial variety plant. Around the corners of your terrace, this may be grown in clumps. When there is not any open space in your home, you may grow them in posts. Citronella has a distinct smell that will repel mosquitoes. This is the reason for which citronella oil is often recommended to be added in the water used to mop floors, as it can protect your home from mosquitoes and insects.
Under natural sunlight and with good drainage system, citronella can grow really well. So, make sure that the pot used is well drained.
Pepper mint
Apart from the fresh and refreshing flavor it adds to your food, peppermint also helps in repelling mosquitoes. The leaves carry a very strong pungent smell for which insects repel. You can grow mint in pots. Pepper mint needs moist soil and proper drainage system. A few varieties of pepper mint can be grown in mild sunlight, however direct and harsh sunlight is essential to grow green-colored plants of this variety.
A few other plants that can grow in your garden to bid bye to mosquitoes and other insects are Catnip, scented geraniums, rosemary, etc. Though these act as natural repellents, they may not be sufficient all alone. You will also have to take other measures to completely avoid mosquitoes in your home.
You may try using a net or mesh in your home as it is the safest of all repelling options.