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Goods and Sevice Tax – One important thing Distributors /Dealers Must Know.

Posted on: 27/Mar/2015 12:19:15 PM

1.  Location of Warehouses and GST regime:

(a)  There is no need to have State-wise warehouses to avoid CST and to facilitate buyers to claim credit.

(b)  Warehouses can be decided based on operational efficiency instead of tax savings.

(c)   Warehouses can be minimized based on the operational convenience of the company. This serves two purposes – (a) Reduction of establishment costs (b) Reduction of documentation and registration.


2. Registration: In case of warehouses/marketing units in multiple states, each of them has to be registered under the respective state and returns have to be filed separately for each state (both CGST & IGST).


3. Documentation requirements:

(a)   C Form and other forms may be phased out, reduction of multiple returns filed and documentation

(b)  Single Invoice for both CGST and SGST together.

(c)   Separate returns to be filed in common format for CGST and SGST for every place of registration.


The above information are based on the discussion paper on the Goods and Services Tax and existing practices in other countries.

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