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How can 15 minutes of daily walk help you?


Posted on : 12/Sep/2017 15:57:23

Most of us do a mistake by getting a gym membership and skip the practice of hitting the gym within even 3 months. There are however easier alternatives to keep your body fit. For this, you need not really spend in leaps and bounds. Do you know? According to a recent Harvard study, one can extend their lifetime by several years just with 15 minutes of daily walking.
The scientific data behind the study conducted across the world, boasting benefits of walking are listed below for you
Stronger bones - when you are in your 30s or nearing it, you should keep in mind that your bones may start deteriorating at this period. You may be prone to bone-related disorders because of low bone mass. With walking, you can increase bone density.
Burn calories - a study was conducted by researchers at the University of Tennessee. It states that comparing women who work out and those who walk, the latter enjoy lesser body fat than the former. This is especially true in case of women of the age 40 to 66 years.
Boosts mood - American Psychological Association experimented about the association of walking with ones mood. This involved studying college students. The experiment results state that there is positive effect of walking on ones mood. This was even possible with just 12-minute walking every day.
Improves creativity - Stanford University study states that walking substantially enhances creativity as compared to ideally sitting. When you think of giving out a creative idea to your clients for any project, you could perhaps think of a new way!

Shaper brain - Frontiers of Aging Neuroscience conducted a study in this regard. It states that the different parts of your brain enjoy better coordination and connectivity as you walk. In fact, you may prevent your brain from possible age related mental disorders with walking.
Forest bathing is practiced in Japan. It involves people strolling in forest to get in touch with nature and get their mind relaxed. This largely helps them in getting out of fight depression and get relaxed. You however need not worry about not being able to hit a forest. A relaxing park would do equal magic.
Steady fast pace - make sure to walk at a steady faster pace and not to slow. You should however not give up for not being able to cope with the same speed. Keep walking more.