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  Flowers Price Chennai - 17/Oct/2017

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Flowers Price List
 Variety  Prices (Rs)
 Kanakambaram  600.00  
 Pichi  300.00  
 Malligai (Jasmine)  250.00  
 Madras Malli  200.00  
 Mullai  150.00  
 Roja  120.00  
 Button Roja (Rose)  120.00  
 Sevanthi  100.00  
 Sampangi  100.00  
 Kozhi Kondai  80.00  
 Arali  70.00  
 Marikolunthu  40.00  
 Stamp rose(1 Bundle)  30.00  
 Thulasi  20.00  

Disclaimer : The prices mentioned here are may vary with accordance to retail markets in every area.

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