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Scope and career opportunities of gender studies


Posted on : 17/Jul/2017 15:30:21

The topic of gender is long debated. A lot of scholars have shared their opinion about gender and they also get criticized for the same. In the past few centuries, the gender studies have seen massive growth. Apart from scholarly areas, the gender studies are also spread across social and economic areas.
Studies on women
In gender studies, women studies has occupied a major space. In the past centuries, the freedom for women and feminism have grown multifold. This has largely contributed to reshaping the women’s identity in the entire society. Earlier, in the society, women hardly had any right or opportunity. With time, women have made up themselves such that they enjoyed the same opportunities as that of men.
In our country, Jyoti Bai Phule began the very first school for girls in Pune. Ismat Chugtai was charged for his writing regarding women and their lives at the west with Suffragettes movement, Gloria Steinem, Maya Angelou and poems such as Still I Rise and Phenomenal Woman. There is substantial growth in literature about women studies.
Studies on men:
The other area of studies is about men. This is inter-disciplinary and studies about men, their masculinity and politics. The masculinity and its different aspects were the primary focus points were the main focus of the study. In the construction society, a lot of researchers have argued about masculinity. The idea got picked up during the 19th century as the idea of showing off oneself as a man grew. So, it ultimately involves terms of history, biology, culture, psychology and politics.
Queer studies
For many of us queer studies may be a new term. This is a study of academic discipline and the different aspects of alternate orientation and gender identities. These studies have emerged with increase in alternate gender identities and acceptance among public for the same. Who can take up this course? All those who have a great passion about the issues pertaining to gender in the society can opt for this course. Those who have interest on political, cultural, and economic topics under the topic of gender and gender representation in the society, discrimination, segregation and ways to control and eliminate violence, etc can show their focus towards this kind of course.
So, how to choose such gender studies course?
There is no specific stream to be selected during class 10 or 12 for this. However, arts and sociology and psychology subjects are ideal for it. The minimum pass mark for a bachelor study in class 10 and 12 is 50-60%.
In these gender studies, there are specializations like post-graduation with M.A in gender studies. For this, one should have scored 40-50 percent in UG.