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Paytm offers discounts and cashbacks on laptops, DSLR, Smartphones and more


Posted on : 09/Aug/2017 15:33:56

Starting from today, the Independence Day sale by Paytm will begin. There are lucrative discounts on various categories of smartphones, cameras, fashion, laptops, etc. This will be a week-long sale that will continue on till August 15 including cashbacks, discounts, and more.
Some of the notable Paytm Mall discounts are as follows:
Discount on Apple iPhone:
The Apple iPhone 7 Plus, 256 GB variant is sold for Rs 63,990 including a 20 percent discount. The 128 GB variant of the smartphone is sold for Rs 69,250 including 16 percent discount and the 32 GB variant is priced Rs 61,449 including 15 percent discount.
The iPhone 7 with 256 GB is priced Rs 62,980 or Rs 69,990 as per the choice of color. Likewise, the 128 GB variant is priced Rs 58,500 or Rs 59,398 including up to 16 percent
Discount. The 32 GB variant is priced between Rs 49,199 and Rs 49,649. In the Independence Day sale, there are offers and cashbacks on all kinds of Apple iPhone.
Offers on other smartphones
The Google Pixel XL of 128 GB in silver shade is sold for Rs 61,710, the Quite black is sold for Rs 59,870 and not Rs 76,000. The same phone of 32GB is sold for Rs 49,990 rather than Rs 67,000.
The Google Pixel 128 GB of Very Silver shade is priced Rs 52,295 rather than Rs 66,000. The 32 GB variant of the phone is sold for Rs 45,940 with discount of 19 percent and Rs 43,240 including 24 percent discount.
The 32 GB variant of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is sold for Rs 42,850 including 25 percent discount. Whereas the Samsung Galaxy S7 of 32 GB is sold for Rs 39,300 rather than Rs 50,900.
Apple, Lenovo, HP, Dell, MSI, Asus and many other brands com with 21 percent discount.
A lot of Apple MacBook, there are cashbacks and discounts offered. A few models of Apple MacBook Pro come with 10 percent cashback while others have Rs 15,000 cashback.
DSLR cameras
DSLR camera EOS 1300D that comes along with zoom lens kit is sold for Rs 35,500 including 15 percent discount. And Nikon D3400 that comes with zoom lens kit is sold for Rs 42,099 including 11 percent discount.
There is also 18 percent cashback on DSLR cameras from brands including Nikon, Canon, and Sony. Beyond this, there is also 23 percent discount towards other cameras kinds as well.