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Biriyani Price Details

Biriyani Price Details
Restaurant Name Biriyani List Price
 Dindigul Thalappakatti  Chicken Biriyani 165.00  
 Mutton Biriyani 179.00  
 Chennai Biriyani Caterers  Chicken Dum Biriyani 1KG 600.00  
 Mutton Dum Biriyani 1KG 900.00  
 SS Hydrabad Biriyani  Hyderabad Chicken Dum Biriyani 120.00  
 Hyderabad Mutton Dum Biriyani 150.00  
 Salem RR Biriyani  Chicken Biriyani 130.00  
 Mutton Biriyani 150.00  
 Chennai Rawther Thalapakattu Biriyani  Chicken Biriyani 100.00  
 Mutton Biriyani 120.00  
 Qurbani Biriyani  Chicken Biriyani 110.00  
 Mutton Biriyani 140.00  
 Ponnusamy Hotels  Chicken Biriyani 171.00  
 Mutton Biriyani 176.00  
 Buhari  Buhari's Chicken Biriyani 170.00  
 Buhari's Mutton Biriyani 190.00  
 Simran's Aappa Kadai  Chicken Biriyani 172.00  
 Mutton Biriyani 194.00  
 Ammi's Biriyani  Chicken Biriyani 109.00  
 Mutton Biriyani 149.00  
 Mutton Hyderabadi Biriyani 225.00  
 Chicken Hyderabadi Biriyani 190.00  
 Anjappar  Chicken Biriyani 175.00  
 Mutton Biriyani 185.00  
 Kaaraikudi  Chicken Biriyani 185.00  
 Mutton Biriyani 200.00  

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Biriyani Price in Chennai

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